Managing Your
Family Estates

When selling the Family home the process can get overwhelming very quickly. I will provide you a step by step plan that is customized to you and your family’s needs. I help with real estate planning, estate sales, preparation for going on the market, and everything in between. I can answer many of your questions so that you are better prepared when meeting with your financial or legal advisor.

1031 Tax Exchange

Tax exchanges provide a legal vehicle to defer gain from investment property if some or all off of the proceeds are reinvested into another investment property. 1031 tax exchanges can be tricky and sometimes complicated. I work with trusted professionals and together we will guide you through the process and make sure you meet the timelines and rules required to be a legal exchange.

Trusts and Probate

Trusts have become a common vehicle for people that own one or more properties. The documents required are different when you buy and or sell from a Trust or LLC. You will need to make sure you have the correct documentation from the start. Probates have a completely different process and can sometimes be confusing and lengthy. Let me simplify the process for you so that there are no surprises and no delays.


In our first meeting with Gina, she explained the process in detail. She laid out the steps we needed to take to get things ready from making decisions on family possessions, determining necessary repairs and improvements to the house, hiring contractors, inspectors, painters, landscapers, estate sale agents, home stagers, cleaners. The list seemed endless. However, Gina assisted us in getting all these things in place. Her knowledge, her follow-through, her energy and resources made all tasks achievable. She also took ownership for oversight of the work needing to be done. She created a calendar for us and all those we contracted with. She was ever-present and kept things running smoothly. She updated us daily on the progress. The end result was amazing.

Shelby S.

After the death of my mother, Gina Marciano sold her home of 52 years for an amazing closing price, which greatly benefit all 4 of her surviving children. What could and should have been a very emotional and difficult time was made much easier with Gina taking care of all the details including a very successful estate sale, arranging for painting and refinishing of hardwood floors as well as professional staging. In such sad and difficult times, it is best to have an Angel on your side. My Angel was Gina Marciano. Thank you for all you did for the Carmen Jordan Family!

Michelle H.