About Gina Marciano


Why Gina?


Over 50 and looking to sell? With Gina, you'll get honest and trusted advice. Get curated advice on personalized budgets, long-term capital gains taxes, relocation, downsizing, and more. Spend an hour with Gina and learn how she can help you achieve your financial goals!

*Gina can provide trusted professionals to provide advice, information and/or liability in specific areas.

  1. WHAT IS your nest egg and are you living in it? Gina will work with you to determine the best possible plan when selling your home and reinvesting your nest egg.
  2. WHAT IS Prop 19- how does it affect you? Allows homeowners who are 55, severely disabled, or whose homes that were destroyed by wildfire or disaster, to transfer their primary residence tax base value to a replacement residence of any value anywhere in the state.
  3. WHAT IS YOUR Tax Basis and are you over 55? Gina personally takes the time to provide a detailed outline of your tax basis, the value of your home, and helps to calculate the gain (or loss) when the asset is sold.
    - https://ginamarciano.com/seniors
  4. WHAT IS Investment property doing for you? Are you a player in this market?
  5. WHAT about your Trust? How do you sell or buy within a trust, and do you need to update yours? Do you have a copy of your trust? When is the last time you modified it?
    ​​​​​​- https://ginamarciano.com/family-estates
  6. WHAT IS your Monthly Budget? How much do you spend now, will retirement change things? For a sample budget, go to Gina's website,
    ​​​​​​- https://ginamarciano.com/ginas-budget-worksheet
  7. WHAT IS YOUR Tax Liability? Gina will provide an in-depth analysis of your tax liability, giving you a transparent look at your financial responsibilities when selling your home.